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Service Areas

Commercial Law

Attention and processing of any judicial procedure for the recovery of credits, as well as the attention of any dispute arising from the acts of trade and trade relations.

Commercial Bankruptcy

Attention of judicial procedures for the financial restructuring (conciliation) and liquidation of companies (bankruptcy).

Family Law

Such as divorces, successions, international child restitution, adoptions and any family order dispute.

Civil Law

Attention to disputes arising between individuals or any other arising in this matter, such as civil liability, property actions, contracts.

Administrative Litigation

Attention and processing of administrative procedures at the federal and local level, with experience in matters such as health, banking and public procurement.


Carmona Muñoz Abogados, S.C. ,  Is a top law firm leader in Mexico, committed to the provision of professional legal services of the highest quality.

Since its founding, this legal firm has been a specialist and has excelled in the areas of civil, commercial, family law and administrative law, as well as constitutional law and protection of human rights.


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